Friday, October 09, 2009

Firing on all cylinders

I made the weeks final travel to Bristol and back to collect as many bags of the cuttings, prunings and garden waste that I could squeeze into the van - it was quite a lot. Then it was back home to start my fire - and boy was it a big one - stop it. After aligning the fuel - that's the cuttings etc - into a mathematically optimum configuration for maximising the through put of air to provide a large up flow and peak per thermal magnitude per cubic metre of heat - I threw on a match and up she went. That's to say mucho big flames.

On the training front I went for an hour on the bike in front of the telly. It's the Mendip muddle on Sunday and I need to taper a bit. Then it'll be back for six kilometre reps on Wednesday.

Four hours later she still burneth on...

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