Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gone to the dogs

Just me and the pooches today. Helen was off to the National Road Relays - where she ran her course PB - or as that nobber on the telly screams, 'life time best' - life time best? LTB? I don't recall 'LTB' ever coming up on the results screen? Am I missing something? It comes up 'PB', that's P as in personal and B as in Best - get it sorted - I digress. Then she's up to the Lake District for tomorrow's Fell Relays - good luck Calder Valley.

I went round Flaxley Woods at a very leisurely pace with said hounds. Ern, as is his want, did his normal disappearing trick - Houndini- I mean, Houdini, would have been proud. Eventually he reappeared and we all went home for tea.

I think I'm ready for the tomorrow's Exmoor Stagger. It's going to be an early start but it looks like a good race so it'll be worth it...

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