Saturday, October 24, 2009

A medium

It was over to the Black Mountains this morning with Rob G, Helen and Brown Dog. The weather was pants. The view from the tops were lovely - a sort of misty white in all directions. Rob was way too fast for me but he gamely kept coming back to make sure I was still there.

The run itself was good. I feel a bit knackered now - and very very wet. I was soaked through to the skin by the finish - even my pants are... too much information. At 2,700 feet of ascent and about ten and a half miles it was a good distance for me. I'm going to be really gunning for it at the Bridge Inn so need to spare myself before then. I'm going to - if I can be arsed, which I hope I will - get out for am easy run tomorrow. I only hope the weather is improved. The drizzle is so miserable.

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