Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm really coming back

I had a great race down at Minehead in the Exmoor Stagger. 15 Miles is just outside my current comfort zone and if I'm honest, unlike last weeks race, I struggled in the last mile or so - and it was downhill! But then I was desperately trying to claim back one of the places I gave away on the final climb so I was really pushing with every last bit of energy. Anyway, I did get the place back and then kept pushing to the end to keep ahead. I didn't ease off.

Where I was buzzing after the end of last weeks race I was struggling to stay upright after this one. I was totally shattered but with a time of 2:20 I'm well pleased. As I wrote in a previous post, I set myself a target of 2:25 but would've been happy with 2:30 so...

I really feel it's all starting to go in the right direction. I'm still not clocking up enough miles in training but these tough races I keep doing seem to be doing the trick and I really do enjoy racing. The thrill of the chase. Trying to overtake the person ahead. Keeping ahead of the person behind. Brilliant. I can't get enough - stop it...

Oh, and I think I was 21st, so just outside the top twenty but as near as dammit as makes no difference.

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