Sunday, October 11, 2009

Muddling through...

the Mendip Muddle.

I went well today. It's a hard route - and the rain throughout didn't exactly lighten the load. It's not so much the ascent that makes it a hard race - compared to a true fell race there weren't any sustained long or steep climbs - more the sheer speed of it. You have to push all the way. There's no place to let your foot off the accelerator. It's just a sustained, hard effort from start to finish - and for possibly the first time this year I really did push as hard as I could the entire way. It's the first time I haven't run out of gas in a medium to long race - 20km.

I feel really pleased that things are finally starting to move forward. My 31st place in a time of 1:37:27 on a hilly route from a field of 220+ makes me feel positive. I just need to start adding a bit more structure to the training and I can build from here. But for now I'm just plain knackered.

Helen broke the womens record by around a minute. A record that has stood since 1997.

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