Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well that didn't go so well

I eventually got going on the golf front - it was just a shame it took me 15 holes to get into the groove before I started firing on anything near both barrels. And even then the short range stuff wasn't great as I frittered away the last couple of chances to redeem myself.

I feel I let down my partner a bit but Uncle P claimed he didn't mind and we did have a laugh - and more importantly, we didn't have any fights - as can happen when me and my two brothers get together.

I did at least show what 'old hardware' can do against the onslaught of these technicological advanced modern drivers. I fired out a couple of long ones - stop it - with 'Deep Red' - the model of my ten year old driver - leaving all in its wake - including the drives of my brothers, who themselves, hit quite a mean drive. Sadly, I naffed up around the green though - the old adage, drive for show putt for dough, was sadly very apt.

Anyway, I am a bit knackered what with the dog walking and the golf - hard to think golf is that tiring but I can assure you it is and no doubt I will be aching a bit tomorrow from it. On the plus side I think I'm grooved in, ready for next weeks game over at Knowle...

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