Saturday, August 29, 2009

The coffee that wasn't

I think I had my best race for a while - it's not that I'm not sure I had a race - I can tell from the legs that I had a race, it's that dispite finishing back in 90th place I performed the best I have for ages. Graham Mcara was only 10 metres ahead at the finish and I've not had him in sight all year! The second indicator is that I actually ascended strongly and overtook people - and that definately hasn't happened this year!

No, it was a much better run and I feel good.

The calder valley women ran well, again winning the team race and all but confirming the English title again. Helen's foot didn't help too much as she battled the pain into 6th.

Well, we decided to come home tonight on account of the worsening weather and stopped off for a snack and a coffee. The woman that served us was all but having a breakdown, shouting and bawling about not getting time to clean suffice to say I didn't quite get the americano I was after. The capachino I was served is not to my taste but I wanted to live so I didn't complain - trays had already be thrown across the floor and I didn't want to spoil the day so I called into Smiths afterwards for a coke. That was the most expensive coffee I've never had, and what added insult to injury - the capachino I didn't drink is 30p more than the coffee I actually ordered - oh well, the cola is nice.

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