Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swimming with the fishes

That's what happens when you mess with me - just joking. No, it's what happens to Pedwar when you let him into the back garden after a humid 6 mile run in Flaxley Wood - he goes swimming with the fishes in Helen's pond to cool down. Oops, better keep that quiet or there may be trouble...

I got home from work at just gone five, a quick change and it was out with Pedwar, Brown Dog and our current rental, Bella for a leisurely six miles through the woods. On what was a very pleasant late summer evening we ambled around the woods at a not too quick pace but even so the dogs found conditions a fraction hot. Still, on the positive side, no one went awol - always a bonus.

We did have a bit of chicken trouble though. On the path leading to and from the woods, the owners of said chickens didn't really seem to care that their chickens were roaming free - I've heard of free range but this was just silly. Some of those pesky hens were milling around the edge of the main road - ho hum, that will be a tasty bit of road kill for someone.

Anyway, one of the chickens came with inches of death as it decided to run right out in front of me and the dogs. Only my super human strength was able to hold the back the tide of hounds. They pulled. They tugged but they had not reckoned on the power of the mad runner as I hauled them away. Leaving stupid chicken, as, from hence forth, it shall be known, to live another day - or a few more minutes before it gets splattered on the road.

On a final note, I have to say that I'm down grading Brown Dog from top running dog - sorry Helen. That honour must know be bestowed to Bella. She barely left my side during the entire run. There was no need to stop to let her catch up or give her a call. No, when running with Bella there is no worry of her going awol. Simply superb.

Pedwar's Pond

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