Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ernie you plonker

From a rainy start and an earlyish start it was off to Blaisdon Wood with the hounds again. I gave them an hours romp and predictably Ernie wandered off. For half an hour we all trotted along but then all of a sudden - and it wasn't deer chase related, honest guv - Ern just turned ninety degrees off the path and strode off into the middle of the undergrowth. Why he doesn't I don't think we'll ever know. Anyway, the rest of the gang all stayed well grouped except for the odd incursion and after another half hour we arrived back at the van. I then went back into the wood to dig out Ernie, who, as it would happen, was just pootling along towards the gate - Ern, you stupid boy.

Well after the wet start I decided I would go for a 12% elevation treadmill run to stay dry - not wanting to get any more clothes soaked. I ran for 10km at that 12% gradient setting and I can tell you now, it was bloody hard going. I had to keep stepping down the speed on account of being knackered - not to mention dripping - nasty.

According to the counter I burnt over 1000 kcal but I don't put much faith in that, I don't think it can have been that much. It wasn't a bad little workout though - and I rigged up the TV to watch the Triathlon on BBC1 - well done, Alastair Brownlee, the winner - and British too boot, whoo hoo - so it wasn't that boring either.

And after all that? The bloody sun has come out so I could have gone for a proper run. I ain't going now though. The sofa awaits - after I've walked the dogs. Fed the dogs. And picked up the poo - from the dogs - the highlight of my day...

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