Sunday, August 30, 2009

Easy run that wasn't

Well it seems like a lot of stuff isn't happening - I'm still trying to get over the coffee incident. We went for a run through Flaxley woods this morning. My legs felt achy and being a little on the slow side these days I had to work a bit harder than 'easy' to keep up. It wasn't tempo but it definately wasn't easy. On the bright side I wasn't last. That honour went to the ever idle Pedwar.

So the rest of the day is dedicated to, well, rest actually. That and re-designing the poo pump. Our current system is getting on and tripping so we need to take some premptive action. I have found a grinding pump I reckon should do the biz and I'm drawing up the control circuit as we speak - all of which is probably too much information but in a few weeks time those terds ain't gonna know what's hit them...

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