Friday, August 21, 2009

End of the working day

Home from work at half five - now they've started those damn road works on the M5 it'll be that way for a while - bugger. I took Mr Meddles and Brown Dog for another 6 miles in Flaxley - I think I've worn Meddles out! He didn't stop panting for over half an hour. They both lagged behind again but they know the route so I wasn't overly concerned.

In light of the dogs tiredness I decided to run a few kilometre efforts, three in all. The first, on the steady slope to the Flaxley high point. The next, along the meandering track to the far point along the flat(ish) bit. The final effort was on the steep climb back up to the top and you know what it right floated my boat. I really enjoyed those heart pounding, leg aching efforts. And I very nearly got into the old hill climbing grind - and I've not been there for, well, years.

That's twice I've got out straight from work this week - that's a seasons best - and although I didn't feel like I wanted to I'm glad I did 'cause I bloody well enjoyed. The feeling of pain on that final effort - bloody topper - but you know what? I want more...

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