Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Severe injury

My achilles has been improving but I have to admit that I wasn't totally convinced I was going to be able to run some fast reps but I really believed I was going to be able to run some quicker, longer reps at least. However, all that is inconceivable now.

On a day that saw me splash over three hundred notes for a full service and mot - on the car, not me - I would have failed big time. And no, I wasn't ripped, I just needed a few expensive parts which I knew was coming so I wasn't surprised by the cost. No, on said day, I have sustained an office based, chair related injury of a most severe and debilitating nature. I haven't a clue what I did - that sitting your arse on a chair malarchy is a risky business I can tell you. At some point I did something and when I stood to leave at the end of the day I had a spasm in my back and wham bam, knackero backo. And it's giving me the run around - which is more than I'm going to be able to do. There is now no way I can run at all - bugger.

On a more positive note, I have my Bristol Water team up together for the AXA 5 Mile Inter-Companys race on Tuesday the 1st September. The annual event is usually good natured and it's always interesting to see who turns out - and for which companies - there are always some ringers...

Now leave me as I weep into my pillow at my inability to go to the track - or more appropriately, my inability to do any training if I got there...

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