Saturday, August 22, 2009

A better day to golf

Well I played a lot better than last week - it don't take me long to get back in the swing - ooh, that's bad. My second game in a year saw Deep Red - that's my driver if you didn't remember - fire all nearly all of its cylinders. I only missed the fairway twice all day - and one of those by just a yard or two. Oh, and it went looong most of the time as well.

The rest of my play was, sadly, not quite so accurate or consistent but it was a start. With a bit of work around the green I could be good again, honest. There were a few highlights though. Including a Birdie two on the eighth and six pars - it would have been another couple 'cept for a small number of woefully bad putts - and yes, we are talking not just lagged but truly truly pants. I hang my head in shame at the thought of those few. But that's all part of the game and although I didn't complete every hole - it being a better ball and not being required to - I reckon I played to around about my handicap of 15. As I play so little I'm pretty pleased.

Now if only running were as easy...

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