Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back tracking

I decided to risk running the session with the lads tonight. My achilles felt a bit better. Certainly not fixed but I was feeling it less.

We ran 400's using the rotation technique. Not knowing how many I would manage to complete, I ran steady. Lapping at 80 seconds I wasn't too disappointed with how I ran. It was now were near the 75's I was running a month ago but a lot better than not running the session, as has been the pattern in recent weeks.

After a few laps I took a breather before resuming for one more 400 before we stepped down to a 300m in 54s and finally a 200m in 33s. The lads did a few more two's but for the first time of the evening I could just feel the left a-word so I decided to stop.

It's been a positive return to running reps on the track so I just hope I can keep the momentum going.

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