Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Almost very nearly

A look at the weather earlier almost put me off but I rallied and went. It was only Sean, Rick and myself tonight but we worked hard - well, I worked as hard as I can at the moment. I don't seem to be able to quite nail it like I did a year ago but I'm getting there, if a little too slowly.

The track was slippy in the damp conditions but I held off donning the studs since I'm still cautious of putting too much strain on the 'A' word. We ran 400 reps off a 60 second recovery. Sean ran the first five over hurdles places at the steeple chase points while I started each lap with a forty metre head start. We hit 67/68 seconds per rep - and I really was slipping around in the road shoes on the Whitchurch track. Which, incidently, is unique among athletic tracks as having an almost ice rink like quality in even the mildest of damp conditions - Bristol council really is going all out for twenty twelve...

I digress, back to the session, after the first five we ran a jogged lap before setting off on a further five reps. This time Sean ran the 400's flat while I still had the 40 metre head start. I only managed two laps before I felt the tightness in the 'A' word and packed it in. Sean ran all five.

I'm pretty pleased with the session. Although I was running a short measure the pace of 67/68 equates to 74/75 for the full measure and I feel there is more once the leg eases for good - which it will.

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