Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Gloucester 5

I was pleased with my run this morning in the Gloucester 5 mile road race. Yes, Helen whooped me - that's no surprise to me. Even though she's been struggling with a bad cough I knew she'd be well ahead. She finished first woman and 12th overall. Phil P took second after a tussle with some young whipper snapper. Phil is a vet 45 so he more than held his own. I finished a few places back in 15th (or 16th, on account of not really being able to count).

I ran fairly even splits, slowing slightly in the second half but not enough to write home about, on the out and back course which was surprisingly undulating - I wasn't expecting that from a course meandering around the Severn flood plain.

My time of 31:27 was only 40s off my best so I am at least still headed in the right direction. And if I use those fancy distance space time continuum equations you can find on tinternet my run equates to a better performance than my most recent Bridge Inn 5k race so things are all good in the land of the Mad Runner.

We stopped behind in the Pilot Inn - the race HQ - for a meal and a chat with Phil and Sian. Helen plotted her next race which is now looking like being some cross country thingy jobber in Bicton (or some such place) this Sunday. I haven't made my mind up what I'll run next. Decisions, decisions...

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