Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bob the builder

More Colin the Carpenter really - or should that be Colin the Cowboy Carpenter. I don't think I'd want to pay someone to construct to the standards I'm using - not exactly going to get a British standards Kite mark - or CE mark, now that Europe has muscled in on our quality standards. Well anyway, I'm doing the best I can to kit out the Son of The Beast suitable for weekend away camping. The new season will start before we know it and all's got to be in place before we hit the road.

It took me over an hour in B & Q just to find all the bits I needed. Eventually I had everything I needed except shelf brackets and after searching in vain I decided to ask. The chap was very helpful, "Why they're in aisle 16", he replied - silly me, only right up the other end of the store - or to put it another way, as far away from the wood as possible. Finally I made it home to begin construction.

OK, so less of the chit chat and onto the exercise. It's nasty out and the plan was always to use the treadmill in any case - what with the constructing an' all. So I cranked up the SS Tunturi and set out on another 30 minute voyage. It was yet again hard work but has to be doing me good. Not perhaps as much as running out in the real world but it does give a pretty good interval session and I feel quite weary as I pen this. Not sure if tomorrow's planned visit to the Black Mountains is going to happen because the weather just makes it all so unappealing. I think we'll save that for another day.

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