Friday, January 30, 2009

The Carpenters Arms

I pulled a half day to put in a bit more work on the van . The cupboard doors are now installed, together with magnetic clasps -  haven't fitted the handles yet so you can't actually get the doors open without a screw driver to force the high strength magnets apart but at least the doors are on.

So, because I came home early I missed the Dundry run which meant it was more of the treadmill for me. I upped the time by five minutes - that's up to 35 now, whooo, but I really do find the treadmill hard mentally. I suppose it helps with the mental strength though. By the end I was suitably puffing.

Right, no resting just yet. It's time for day 3 of week one of the hundred push ups and two hundred sit ups regime - I might by crap at running but I'm going to have boobs like Mark Foster by the end of week six...

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