Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chicken and bacon

I went right healthy for lunch with a chicken and bacon salad from Asdal - well, where else's a chap to shop? Anyway, as I began to consume the leafy pieces of green I suddenly came across the aforementioned 'piece' of chicken. The thing is, I panicked. Flippin' heck, I thought, what's this piece of chicken doing amongst all this bacon and salady stuff?- must have got in by accident. I then proceeded to debate as to whether or not it would be edible. It was at this point the penny dropped - hang on, this thing IS meant to have chicken in it - it's a bloody chicken and bacon salad after all. Sadly, it was to be the first and last of the chicken pieces in the decidedly bacon heavy chicken and bacon salad - it was a mighty tasty morsel of chicken though, to be fair. And I know what you're thinking, bacon? that's not healthy. Well maybe not but todays c & b was a follow up to yesterday's tuna salad - now that is healthy - and it really did have some tuna in it - beauty.

Right, to the bat cave - I mean, to the session. The lads ran four hundreds. A quick one followed non-stop by a steady one. Technically, I guess, that makes it an eight hundred. Ho hum. Anyway, I didn't do that. I didn't feel up to it. Instead, I ran some kilometre reps with a two minute recovery. 3:45's ain't quick but it's the best I could muster. Like the c & b salad I ate, there wasn't much chicken going on for me tonight but I enjoyed the bacon.

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