Sunday, January 18, 2009

Construction zone

Oops, no Black Mountains I'm afraid. Although the weather was much improved from yesterday my construction juices were flowing - I badly wanted to play with my power tools - stop it. Verr, verr goes the drill. With my backup battery on charge, preparing for action, I went full on construction crazy. Verr, verr.

Just over six hours later phase one of the construction was complete. Phase two should only take a few hours and consists mainly of superficial work tidying up and adding the odd shelf. Camping wise, the Beast II is ready to roll. Our next door neighbour even complimented me on the sturdiness of the build - little does he know the bodging that went behind the scenes - only kidding [read, for goodness sake don't tell Helen!!].

It was pretty hard work out there in the van and although I should have gone for a proper run once I had those power tools to hand - verr - I just didn't want to break off. So in the end I ended up with another half our on the treadmill's hill session and to be honest I feel fair done in. Time for feet up in front of the telly...

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