Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making it all up

It was good to see Danny back at the track for the first time since before the Bristol Half Marathon and what a night he picked for it - it drizzled the whole time. You know, that nasty stuff. The stuff that gets you wet. Oh yeah, and it was windy. So, all in all a thoroughly lovely evening for training. He was joined by Bruce and the ever regular Sean.

I decided to get my ass in gear tonight and get to the track early so I could do a proper warm up - what the hell was I thinking. It was clear that I was temporarily out of my mind. I did, however, see myself to five laps in the aforementioned drizzle.

After a spate of recent poor performances I decided to make up my own session. I'm not fit enough to run fast so I went for steady instead. I'm not sure it was any kind of proper session but I enjoyed it - despite the wind and rain. I ran ten continuous laps alternating between a faster lap and a slower one. The faster one was at my old 5k pb pace (87/88s) - bearing in mind I've not been anywhere near that pace in a race for flippin' ages - and the slower one was out at 100s - or to put it another way - sllooooooow.

The lads ran ten 400's with a jog 100m using the rotation technique. After I finished my ten I joined in with them for another couple - an 84s and a final, see what I had left, 76s. Then I settled down for another five lap cool down - what the hell was I thinking...

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