Monday, June 25, 2018

Bit Random Today...

Started with a short Zwift as my legs felt a bit sore. After that the soreness seemed to have gone so I decided to try out the bike version of Zwift and over ambitiously jumped straight in with a race (after a very short warm up). That was a bit much. It was a two lap race of 30km total but I had to abort after one lap as I was absolutely dying. I had really good power output but it was just too much.

Twenty minutes after that I couldn't face that I'd not completed the session so hopped back on for another twenty minutes of effort. That finished me off. Then later in the day I got a second wind and went for a real run. Just the local 5k loop but it exorcised the guilt of this mornings rubbish run.

I've burnt some calories today and after six days straight, eleven training sessions I think I've earned myself a rest day tomorrow...

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