Sunday, August 01, 2010

Recovery Race

It's a bit like a recovery run - 'cept you run f#@king hard instead of taking it easy.

Up early - I gave dawns crack a miss for once - gathered my kit and headed over the bridge to Magor. I slightly miss calculated how long it would take me to get there, thinking it was further up the M4 than it actually was and could have had an extra 30 minutes in bed - doh. Anyway, I arrived safely.

With my entry taken, my race number, 104, to hand I nervously paced up and down for an hour. Ok, I wasn't actually nervous. And I didn't pace up and down either, come to think of it. So, race numbered up I calmly sat on my arse for an hour and chatted. As the time to race approached I donned my kit, did a steady couple of minutes warming up - didn't want to over do it, listened to the race brief and then pootled over to the start.

My legs felt OK after yesterday's fell race but I wasn't expecting fireworks - well you wouldn't would you? It's not November the 5th and it was the middle of the day so they'd be hard to see. I wasn't the only one doubling up the weekends races, Lou and Nicki were running from yesterday as well.

I set off towards the front and went for it. My first couple of kilometres were a smidgeon too fast but I steadied and felt good through to the seven km marker. At that point I was on for just outside forty minutes but I began to slow from there. It was all catching up with me - not to mention the runners behind as well. Kilometers nine and ten were my slowest by far as I drifted out to finish in 40:53. I'm still pleased with that though. It's my fastest 10k for over two years. In the great scheme of things it's a pathetic time but I feel confident of getting back on the right side of forty before too long.

Big thanks to Chepstow Harriers for organisation the race and Undly AFC for hosting it at their venue. It's been a good double header weekend.

Magor Marsh 10k race route;