Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let The Legs Mend...

I have done sod all today. A short trip out to various shops midday - I love shopping - not. Apart from that it's been rest, rest, rest - and to be fair I'm a bit bored.

The coming week is going to be a busy one - so no time to be bored. Got lots on at work so I am crossing my fingers I have the energy to get out training. As to my targeted Cotswold Way attempt at the end of the month, I admit defeat. I haven't been able to clock up anywhere near enough miles. I've been pleased with my long runs - including the 33 miler - but I just haven't managed to get enough of them into the schedule. As to running 100 miles it's just not sensible - I'm mad not mental. As a replacement to the Cotswolds I have at least got the Sedgemore 10k on Sunday, the Machen Mountain 10k on Monday and the AXA 5 Mile Companies race on Tuesday - and I can't miss any as I've paid my entry and I'm team captain for the latter.