Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Totally Finished Off

Three days. Three races. Three knackered legs. Hang on, that doesn't sound quite right...

My team from Bristol Water somewhat fizzled out to a team of three. Not even enough for a scoring team let alone the two I had as dawn broke - stop it. Never the less the three of us set off towards the front of the pack and finished in the predicted order. Martin first, Me next and Dave third. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My legs were paying for previous days racing. In particular the down hill pounding at the end of the Machen 10k was almost certainly the cause of today's soreness.

As I hobbled round the warm up field I felt like a cripple. My left hamstring was a bit tight and neither quad felt great. Ho hum. After a short sit down things felt better by kick off.

The first gentle climb was OK I gained a few places and gained a few more on the sharper descent - probably shouldn't have done that. The legs were shattered by the bottom of the hill and I still had four miles to go - doh.

The bottom section undulates slightly and I just about held the ship steady but I was dying on my feet. Next up, the climb - not big under normal conditions - it felt like a frickin' mountain. I was fading faster than a tie dyed t-shirt in a ninety degree wash cycle. Digging deep didn't cover it.

A few of competitors came past in the last mile. There was nothing I could do to hold back the tide. Then as I rounded the final corner, finish in sight I switched on the after burners to hold off the attack from behind and take place back from the Bank of Ireland - god damn bankers. Felt sick through the line - but held it in for once.

I have no idea of my finish position but after initially thinking I'd run slower than last year - which, to be fair wouldn't have been a disaster - on researching the archives I now realise I actually ran exactly 30 seconds quicker - result, converts over the bar. Tonight's time, 36:28 for the 8.8km undulating course.

Tomorrow I rest...