Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mentally Tiring

Work consisted of the wonderful world of Hazop. I won't explain suffice to say it goes on and on and although it consists of sitting round the table all day it is really quite tiring - not to mention mentally draining - and, of course, boring as s#!t.

My energy level hit empty by the time I got home and with the continuing pathetic weather I could not rouse myself to run. Things are on the slide - it's just so hard to go out solo. I love racing but find the motivation for training so terribly challenging. In my ideal world - ooh, this could be scary... but it's not - I'd be able to find five races a week and race train to my hearts content but this world is far, far from ideal and at the moment training is moving to the back burner. I need to put my foot down and stop the slide. At least I managed another hour on the bike but it's not the same.

Maybe tomorrow...