Friday, August 06, 2010

Double Day Daftness

It wasn't the best of times, it wasn't the worst of times - either way, it wasn't a comfortable run. Yes, the rebooked lunch time run did actually take place today but my legs felt lacking and I never really got into it. It certainly was an odd one but at least we, that's Martin and I, got out there. First time for a while - and the first of many more - I hope.

Tonight I hit the bike for sixty minutes. The first of my double days. It was an effort - but an effort worth carrying through to the bitter end - although, hopefully the end won't be too bitter. I want to keep the momentum going.

This week has been light on the mileage front. Looking back, so was last week but I've raced well in between and hopefully Sunday's 10k will be another good one. I'm going to rest up completely tomorrow because I really do want to attempt sub forty. Oh, and Tuesday is booked now and I've decided to recce the Black Mountains route with some additions to bump the mileage past the magic twenty - not that it's that magical, but it should be a good.