Friday, August 13, 2010

Dead Ahead, Slow

Today's run was not pretty. A lunch time crawl. An embarrassment to running - an embarrassment to jogging - practically an embarrassment to walking! OK, it wasn't quite that bad but considering I haven't run since Tuesday it wasn't the most pleasing run I've ever done. That said, the main climb didn't feel quite as bad as normal - but perhaps that's down to my pedestrian pace.

It was anti-clockwise today - ooh, we know how to large it up. Clockwise one week, anti the next - that's living life on the edge that is. Martin and I headed out at high noon and after a few minutes of steady running - and chatting, as you do - we started the climb and I was soon floundering in his wake. I did rally towards the top of the climb, managing to eat into his lead a little but once he was over the top, he was gone.

I didn't have it today but that's OK I'm saving it for the Sugar Loaf Fell Race tomorrow...