Friday, November 29, 2019

Managed To Get Back To It Today

After a gap of a few days I managed to get back on it with the #Zwift Giro di Castelli stage 1. It was a group race on the Bologna time trial course. I took it steady for the first 6km, to the bottom of the hill and from there the hard work began. I upped the power towards my old FTP for the entirety of the steep 2km climb to the finish and gained somewhere near fifty places - which from a field of 330 wasn't too bad an effort. I continued on back down as a cool down to ride out 30 minutes of cycling.

Up tomorrow I'm to freeze my balls off stood and the top of the Blorenge recording the summit times of the fell runners taking part, funnily enough, in the Blorenge Fell Race. Warm I do not expect to be....

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