Saturday, November 02, 2019

Double Hour

I was planning on getting out for a run - that changed when I looked out at the rain washing across the drive. Treadmill it was then and I selected the Movember 10km group run. If enough Zwifters clock up enough hours through November, either on foot or by pedal, then Zwift will donate $25,000 to the Movember prostate charity. It wasn't a bad effort, faster than of late (but that's not saying much).

A couple of hours later I followed up with a Movember 60 minute group ride. My legs felt a bit off in the first ten minutes and I wondered if I was being sensible what with the setback of a few months ago but after that I settled in and the legs felt much better. Ended up feeling better and better through the ride. By midway I was in a group of about ten and I was actually the one pulling most of the time on the front. It wasn't a race, just a ride but even so I tried breaking away on the short, gentle climb section. If I could get up the road to the group ahead..... but I didn't. They were just a bit too far ahead and I sat up to finish the ride in the group.

A good days workout. Probably a rest day tomorrow but maybe a very gentle something....

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