Saturday, November 30, 2019

Chilly On Top

So I wasn't running today but I was back in the mountains. I was summit marshal for the Blorenge Fell race, taking the times so the runners can see how good or bad they are ascending or descending. I set out with plenty of time but by 'eck I'd forgotten how bloody steep the ascent up Blorenge is! Even walking my legs were burning under the effort. And hot? I had steam coming out the tops of my three jackets by the time I finally got to the top - and yes, I was glad of the three jackets by the time the last runners were coming through. Once that last runner was through I jogged back down, following the race route, as a makeshift sweeper - got bloody damn hot again by the finish.

Looking at how my training is going, I'm feeling fitter but after today's walk up Blorenge there's no alternative, I'm going to have to start hitting the hills if I'm wanting to hit the fell racing again...

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