Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Shark Tooth

Bike session, short sharp ramps 85% to 135% FTP. Wasn't a long session but pretty hard work and my legs still don't feel fresh. Think I might add an extra set next time just to reach the full burn. Some kind of run is on the cards for tomorrow.

Looking to the OMM, today I decided to give the backup cooking kit a test run - seeing as how I didn't do any actual running. It being pretty darn windy out, I felt it would be a good test and it worked pretty well. I'm somewhat notorious with my previous OMM partners for providing the cooker that was somewhat lacking in the cooking capability - solid fuel. And once again that is the backup option but we are going to be cooking on gas for the main supply. This is just the backup in case we want a few extra hot drinks. Plus I've honed the technique... 500ml to the boil in no less than 14 minutes. Fast it ain't but it did just about get to the boil and the kit weighs next to nothing so ideal as a backup.


(just coming to the boil)

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