Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Longest Run Of The Year

Pleased with my decision to take the day off and head to the hills. Knocked out my longest and hilliest run of the year (probably the longest for over two years, maybe even three). 23.7km with 1,100m of ascent, beating my previous furthest of 16.5km and 700m from a few weeks ago. Added to that this run was on rougher terrain and I only took an extra hour to complete (3hr25 vs 2hr27). All in all, that equates to a much stronger run. I was fully knackered by the end but the key point was that I was still running.

One thing I'd forgotten though, was just how long the run from Pen y Gadir Fawr to Crug Mawr is. By god that ridge is looonnnggggg. At one point I began to wonder if I was ever going to reach the end... and then it isn't exactly over once you get to there. There's still a bit of running left to get from there back to Llanbedr.

Feels good to finally get a really solid run in my legs and I don't think it was horrendously slow for a training run. A few more good solid runs and I'll be peaking* just in time for the OMM at the end of the month...

* disclaimer, by 'peaking' I mean able to make it round without expiring.

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