Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Probably Shouldn't Have

So I've booked another impromptu day off tomorrow. The forecast looks good. Might even be sunny enough to trigger photo-reactivity on my glasses - but then again, maybe not. I'm undecided on exactly where to run but I'm looking at another longish one.

So back to this evening and training. By rights is should have been an easy one but I ended up choosing another race. That said, I almost jacked it in half way round as I was going so badly. It felt like I was working bloody hard but my power was rubbish. I managed to haul myself through the lethargy and stuck at it. Even managed to break free from the small pack on the last hill and remained out there to the finish.

Probably should have stuck to an easy session in light of tomorrow's plan so I'm hoping the effort isn't going to impact my legs too badly - otherwise I'm going to be ruing the decision to go at this evening...

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