Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hop, Skip and a Jump...

um, er, I mean a run and a bike. With only a week till the OMM I'm trying not to over do it or get injured so I stayed indoors. Tried a new tactic on the treadmill - and it almost made it fun! So when I say I tried a new tactic what I really mean to say is, I missed the start of a group run and set off 2 minutes behind. As it turns out that gave me a few targets to catch. And as you can see telemetry on those runners close to you it meant I could set my speed in order to catch up. Focusing on catching up meant I wasn't that aware of how far I'd gone or the time. I just lost myself in the task at hand, namely catching up. All of which made for an enjoyable treading on the mill. After that 7.5k, I finished off with 10k on the bike around central park.

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