Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Bit More Run and Bike

Just a ramped 5k run followed by an hour on the bike. The bike session, 35k, was a pretty good work out. I started off in the group - it being a group ride - but couldn't quite hang on. Once out the back it was game over. There's no getting back on the group unless you can sustain massive power for five or ten minutes - I can't, so it became a solo ride.

My initial feelings on the new Zwift routes in Central Park, is that I quite like them. Although there are no long hills, there are lots of steep undulations. There doesn't seem to be any long flat sections either, the undulations come thick and fast. That makes for quite a tough session even when taking it easy. At no point do you get into a rhythm before the next undulation hits. I think it could make for quite good racing though as I think said undulations will really break things up.

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