Sunday, October 07, 2018

Bit Of A Muddle

So I started with a run. That ended very quickly as I opened the blister on my heel within a few minutes. Yes, I am namby pamby. On the upside, at least I'd decided on a local run so didn't have far to get back.

Luckily the heel on my cycling shoe is lower than my runners so I couldn't feel it when riding. Cue some Zwifting. A free ride of 16km that started off as an easy ride but ended up like a TT. Then, about an hour after that, I started to get pangs of guilt for not really having done enough training. Cue an afternoon race, 36km on the jungle hilly loop route - and I'm bloody glad I did, it was a right good race.

After the initial few kilometres I was in a small group of six and we worked pretty solidly to get to the loop section. Then into loop, starting straight into a climb, the group broke apart as a few riders went out the front door. I was stuck in a group of three and they just stuck on my tail, taking it easy while I did the work. Grrrhhhh, turning green - they made me angry - I cranked up the power to drop them. That hurt a little but I never saw them again so worth it.

On the second lap I got caught and overtaken on the climb by a different rider. He blew me away but was rubbish on the descent and I caught him towards the end of the lap. Into the final lap and the final climb he started to come back at me. Feeling I could get him on the descent as long as I didn't lose too much on the climb I worked hard, getting close to going into the red but managed not only to keep him close but to keep him behind. By the top he was beaten and as an added bonus I caught and passed a rider from the group that rode away on the first climb. After that it was steady down to the finish. Damn good fun - if painful in places - like a proper workout should be.

Now I'm happy I've done a proper days training...

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