Sunday, October 28, 2018

On Day One I Started To Break...

By the end of day two of the OMM I was broken. I don't think there is a part of me that isn't broken.

Day one went all right according to the results (42 of 147) but in reality I was a bit rubbish and held the team back. I started holding the team back sooner in the 'run' than I expected if I'm honest, around check point 5 (of 12) - damn you Pen y Gadir Fawr, damn you. After that is was sllllooooooowwww going and a case of trying not to add any extra distance or climb by making navigation mistakes.

By check point eight, I was climbing out of the valley on all fours such was the extremeness of my decline. Then the snow came. It was much heavier than I expected. Full on, proper snowing. Heading towards the last few checkpoints, I began to get pain in my left knee.

Day one, 25+k and more ascent than I enjoyed.

The camping wasn't too bad. The temperatures weren't warm but I was extremely glad I took my slightly bulkier, heavier sleeping bag - it actually kept me properly warm all night. A pleasant surprise (some might say, the highlight of my OMM).

At the camp, I discovered I'd taken the skin off my heel - I guess the cold, saved me from feeling it on the run. I also realised my back was a bit the worse for wear from carrying all the kit - perhaps I should have practised carrying a 5kg pack?

And then day two happened and by check point two I had shin splints left and right. Every step was pain. And then tussocks and heather. Endless bloody tussocks and heather. It was very hard to look on the bright side. Time slowed as team after team swept past. Long gone where any hopes of a respectable finish.

Then, as we arrived at the crunch point for check point six, such was my decrepitude, that my partner asked if I wanted to go on, it being as convenient a place as any to head back early. I honestly did not want to traverse more god damn tussocks and the mean spirited descent of several hundred metres followed the return ascent - damn you course planner, but this man ain't for quitting. We were dropping down the field faster than a feather in a vacuum but by god we were going to finish ahead of those who didn't finish at all.

Day two, 20+k and also more ascent than I enjoyed.

We finished 81st of 127 finishers and 34 retired [at the point I write this, so the stats might change a little].

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