Friday, April 15, 2016

Slight Change Of Plans

I've decided, in light of the iffy looking forecast, to head to the Malverns tomorrow instead of the Black Mountains. I'm going to run the full out and back, including the loop of North and Table hills.

It will be about fifteen miles and 4000ft of ascent - or, since I've mostly been quoting things in metric - 24km/1200m. They key difference to heading west, is that it'll all be at a lower altitude and so not quite so exposed to the potential bad weather.

Sunday looks to be better but I'd rather get the long run done Saturday and then do a local loop in the sunshine... [that's sarcasm not optimism - I don't do optimism as you all know, bah humbug, grrrrh]

My legs are feeling it a little from yesterday, and wanting a good run tomorrow, I put in 45 minutes on the bike - five of it off the clock since I forgot to start said clock. Finished off with a core workout.

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