Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Slow Gallop

My legs felt okay this morning so I decided to go 'run' the Galoppen orienteering over at Cranham. I wasn't expecting much because although my legs didn't ache they felt far from fresh. After the first few controls I was beginning to regret my decision. The terrain was rough in more places than I'd have liked, brashings a plenty and I just didn't have the spring in my stride to cross that at any sort of pace. It felt like I was working hard so it was probably worth doing it on the grounds of getting in another training session.

Anyway, back to the detail. I decided to 'run' the brown course at 8.8km and 27 controls. I set off steady and got the first few controls out of the way pretty accurately. After that it started to go slightly awry. I didn't really make any big mistakes it was just that the fatigue set in and I really struggled to plan the route and move at the same time - a big problem for an intrepid orienteer. My brain just didn't work today. On the way to control 15 I found myself going in one hell of a strange direction and had to stop and work out what the hell was going on. I got myself back on route thankfully.

By control 18 I was beginning to get sense of humour failure. The brashings were becoming overwhelmingly annoying. Thankfully there was a bit of respite for a few controls before finally reaching the finish in a stunning 1 hour and 51 minutes!!!

The stats say I ran 11.4km with 485m of ascent and the results say I wasn't last... I completed today's training with half an hour on the bike before retiring to the sofa...

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