Saturday, April 09, 2016

12 Today's Number...

I didn't quite make the early start I had planned. I did eventually shed the duvet and get up though - albeit just gone half nine - back of the net. It took me an hour or so to get myself ready aka gather my kit together, print the route map and consume a freshly brewed coffee.

Having dillied and dallied I eventually arrived at the lay-by on A479 by midday. The sky looked brighter than what I'd left. In fact it didn't rain at all while I was out on the mountain - there were a few flakes of snow but no rain. Oh, and there was a biting cold wind but I had enough layers so it wasn't a problem.

I set off up to Pen Cerrig-calch following the South Wales Traverse route. It follows the road and then good paths to begin with before bearing for the summit and heading off the track. I couldn't be arsed with the compass and ended up hitting the ridge 50m east of the trig. I then followed the normal top ridge round to Pen Allt-mawr - stopping to put my waterproof on to keep out the biting cold.

I then completely took my eye off the ball and massively overshot my intended route down into the valley. Having realised I was almost to Pen Twyn Glas, I headed off piste over the rough, marshy, tufty ground and circled back round and down to eventually pick up the path.

Then I followed the track south and east around the bottom of Pen Cerrig-calch before once again heading back to said summit. From there I retraced my footsteps down to the car to clock up 19.5km with 1188m of ascent. My longest run so far with the most ascent. Pleased with that.

I'm thinking, depending on how my legs feel, I might go for a gallop tomorrow at the Galoppen orienteering...

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