Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nailed The Flaxley Run

I went for another time trial in Flaxley Wood this morning - and absolutely nailed it. Clocked up two Strava CRs and a PB for the entire run. Pleased with that. I completed the 8.9km route (anti-clockwise version) with 240m ascent in 42:44. That's 73s quicker than last time and the fastest I've ever run it.

I pushed hard throughout but perhaps eased off a little on the main climb to conserve a bit for a strong, fast finish - suffice to say the CRs weren't on that section... I'm also closing in on the other two registered segments in the route. Soon I shall own Flaxley wood...

I was going to run a treadmill session yesterday but remembering I was off work today I decided to run the time trial instead as nothing gauges how you're running quite like, well, er, running.

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