Wednesday, April 20, 2016

And The Weekend Begins...

I've decided to stay around here the next couple of days. I was initially planning to head to Snowdonia but I just haven't got myself organised. So local-ish it is and I've decided to head to the far west of the Black Mountains and my first run of the year 'over that way'... That area is definitely my favourite part of the mountains. I just love the wildness and the Fan Brycheiniog ridge offers brilliant views.

The forecast looks good - read, there's only a small chance of rain. I have a route in mind, see below (if viewing the blog). It's slightly ambitious at this stage of The Comeback, weighing in at around the 17 mile mark and 4,500ft of ascent but you don't make cheese without mashing some curd - unless it's vegan cheese, of course, in which case you do.

As the route is a bit ambitious I decided a rest day was in order today. If I do run out of steam it won't be like haven't got all day to make it home. I'll see what it's store Friday once I get tomorrow out of the way...

Tomorrow's Fan Brycheiniog loop; 17 miles and 4,500ft ascent

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