Saturday, April 23, 2016

Leaden Legs..

I set out with the intention of running about 15km but the reality didn't quite work out that way. My legs just felt so unbelievable heavy. Anyway, I continued on and headed up to May Hill. I really struggled on the climb - and that was after the impromptu 20s pit stop to check that the old lady who got pulled over by her dog as I plodded past was okay. I felt bad but it wasn't really my fault her dog lunged towards me.

When I reached the top I was feeling so sluggish that I decided to switch from the intended route and followed my normal 9km training loop to see just how slow I was going. I don't want to get myself injured running tired and there are plenty more training days left.

Surprisingly, I was a minute inside my previous best and I got a CR on the final, short climb. Feel knackered now but at least it's another run done.

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