Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Madness Continues To Return

After a long day at work, with the legs still painful to the touch - so I stopped touching them, I followed through - ooh, er - with the plan and made it over to Cearleon for the LCL road race. I am not about to deviate from the comeback trail. If I give in to lackadaisicalness - what a word - I may never get back into the habit - and no, that's nothing to do with nuns. So I made it to the race. I wasn't ever going to run fast but that wasn't the point. The point was making it to the start line and then stepping across it.

There was possible a million Chepstow Harriers out tonight. I've never seen so many. In fact, I didn't know there was so many in the club! Anyway, I set off towards the back of the pack and plodded my way through the field. It was the down that hurt. I was okay on the ups. Not fast, mind, but it wasn't as painful. The steepish descent just plain hurt. By about 7km Andy 'The Power' Ost came into view. I got target lock and started tracking.... As we turned the final corner, into the final climb, I had edged ahead.... The final stretch, less than a kilometre, was all uphill. Not steep, just steady, but 'The Power' lived up to his name and powered past. I was humbled but very pleased to eventually reach the finish. Cue another bout of hurling. A drink of water later and I was recovered. After a short spell of hob-nobbing with my fellow harriers I departed stage left for the drive home.

The comeback continues....

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