Thursday, June 20, 2013

Going To Seem Strange

I've nothing planned for the weekend. No trip up to Snowdonia. No stupidly long races. What am I thinking! I think there is some orienteering to be had on Saturday so I might look out the details of that. Going to be a chilled weekend other than that. I need to get some large planters. I've some french beans kicking off that I need to plant up and I'm going to put up some trellis up on the front of the house for them to grow up. Then there's the chives and mint I want to start off. Oh, and some lettuce which I'm going to try in window boxes!

Oh yeah, I didn't quite make it to the mob match. I'm a little disappointed with myself but I needed a bit of lounging around. Been a tiring, long week so far and tonight was much needed feet up time.

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