Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pootle Tuesday

I'm still in the chilling zone. With the Butlins Summer Party - toot, f*^(ing, toot - up this weekend there ain't no point cracking on with real serious training. So I've decided to relax for another week before getting back into the training zone. I'm thinking of entering the Exmoor Sea View 17. A low key race run by Minehead Running Club - but a really good one, along the south coastal path. Could be a good interim target to go at. I've run it a few times and have always surprised myself with how well I've done. I've definitely got the endurance for it this time round and with three weeks solid training starting next week I could get myself in some good shape for it. I reckon it could be a good focus. Right, I've almost convinced myself... Anyway, just a pootle tonight. It was too 'sticky' out there for anything more....

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