Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not Quite All Set But Nearly

Okay, so really I've just made a list but it's a very good list. I can't be arsed to get it out tonight - ooh matron - so I'll do it tomorrow instead. I'm looking to head away early afternoon. Not sure how the Friday traffic will be during the afternoon but it's really only the bit around Shrewsbury that might be any trouble. I'd prefer to pootle my way up and get there early evening rather than go late and get there, well, late. With a seriously early race start time of five thirty, yes, not a typo, and registration from four I need to be getting off to the land of nod as early as possible. Probably won't sleep a wink but got to try.

It's looking likely now that the bad weather route off Ugain will be used. That means missing Crib Goch summit. That'll be a bit of a shame but won't affect the overall stats too much. I don't think it will get much shorted because of it but will lose a few hundred feet of ascent. Still, better safe than sorry I suppose. I will, as ever, abide by the race organisers decision. It's their head in the firing line - not sure that's quite the saying - if any goes wrong and I'm sure nothing will...

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