Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not Gonna Lie

I could not be arsed today. Is that really so bad? I'm thinking I'm permitted a week off to be a lazy git. I just couldn't find the enthusiasm and resigned myself to being an idle so and so. I fired up the slow cooker for a one pot veggie curry. I love that you can just lob it all in - even the rice (towards the end) - and it comes out topper. I even used a few of my first tatties of the season. I reckon I'm just a couple of weeks away from harvesting the first earlies proper. The garlic doesn't look far away either.

I wasn't a total lazy bar steward, mind. I was up at eight to cut the grass before the rains came. Then I was back over to the garden centre for more pots to sow some lettuce and more spring onions. Okay so that wasn't exactly 32 miles over Snowdon but is anyone really counting?...

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