Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gettin' Too Old For This Shit

I am shattered. Been a bloody long day. The race started at 5am - in the pouring rain. Although the rain did actually stop about ten minutes before the start. Of course, then the midges came out and they were hungry...

The route is slightly different from the classic Welsh 3000s walking route. It takes in all the same peaks - but not necessarily in the same order - the order is the same really. However the race starts at Nant Gwynant and goes up to Snowdon over Bwlch Main and is 35 miles verses to classic route of 24 miles. Never been up that way before and it was interesting. I expect there would have been some great views except the clag was well and truly down to 50m visibility.

Anyway, I'm too knackered to put together a full report , it'll keep till tomorrow - and I'm not really getting too old for this shit. I've got years more of this shit ahead of me.... Pleased with my 5th place. Not so pleased with my time...

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